Next Passing Bitcoin Around the World

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The Next Passing Bitcoin Around the World:  October 12, 2013 12:00 pm GMT

October 26, 2013 12:00 pm GMT

You can read here about the first attempt at Passing the Bitcoin Around the World .

We were able to pass 500 mBTC (half a bitcoin, about 66 dollars at the time) across 10 international boundaries,  and over a distance between participants equivalent  of over 3 times around the world, and place the full value of the coin in the account of the One Foundation established by Jet Li.

The next attempt will be more bold.

The next Passing Bitcoin Event will be in October.  We will be developing a list of charities as well as a featured charity to accept the Bitcoin at the end of the Relay.

Every participant in passing the Bitcoin will be required to make a Bitcoin deposit into a holding account.  Once they have had their turn  in the Bitcoin Passing, that Deposit will be processed as the participant specifies.  The Bitcoin can be returned to the participant (to a Bitcoin Address provided by the participant) or sent along to one of the Bitcoin accepting charities, per the participant’s choice.

In this fashion, the next event promises to raise significantly more money for charity.  In addition, we will remove the one fear almost all of us had with the previous attempt based on total trust, that someone would simply steal the Bitcoin we were passing.  Should someone walk away with the Bitcoin in the next attempt, we will simply carry on using Bitcoin from their deposit.

We would also like to make this an official Guinness Book of Records event.  This actually requires paying some money to have an official monitor and validate the exercise.  To that end, we will be accepting donations to cover those costs.

More important, the event will need donations of time and effort.  This time around we will be setting up a “Passing Bitcoin Around the World Control Center” here in Austin Texas.  Participants will be in contact with the control center via IRC.  Progress will be dynamically updated on this website.  Maps will be produced.  And Bitcoin transacted in real time as each person executes their part in the relay.

If you are interested in contributing time and effort to the cause, you can contact Paul Snow at the following email:


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