Umsl Consortium Agreement

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Consortium agreement forms are provided in each academic unit. Please check with your study advisor to begin this process. As part of this directive, an agreement was reached between CSC and the University of Missouri-St. Louis, to enable UMSL to offer junior and senior level courses on the SCC campus. Classes began in the spring semester of 1996. Such partnerships and collaborations will improve workforce readiness and make university attendance more affordable and accessible to the average citizen. Initiatives include working with high schools to provide students with technical preparation, advanced internships and dual enrolment. and transfer and articulation agreements with higher education institutions and universities. For example, a 2+2 agreement with the University of Missouri-St. Louis allows students to continue their progression to a bachelor`s degree by enrolling in junior and senior university courses on the CCS campus.

The Inter University Exchange program is a consortium agreement between Washington University in St. Louis, Saint Louis University (SLU) and the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). The EI programme began in 1976 as an exchange agreement between these three institutions, promoting increased interinstitutional cooperation at graduation level. Over time, this program has grown to include basic training; However, the basic provisions of the original agreement are still in force today and participation remains at the discretion of each department or academic unit. Interested students are encouraged to work with a CMU Regional Coordinator to plan their courses so that the transition from Community College to a bachelor`s degree is seamless. Students meet with a representative of their host institution to learn more about the differences between campus procedures related to housing implementation and obtain their letter of accommodation. Agreements with Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, and the University of Phoenix in Arizona allow students to earn a bachelor`s degree online over the Internet after a mandatory sequence of courses at CSC. Classes are followed in a “two plus two” order allowed by multiple routes….

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