Us Signs Historic Agreement With Taliban

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In Doha – the Qatari capital where the Taliban maintain an office – nine rounds of online talks began in 2018. The U.S. and Taliban reached an agreement last summer, but President Trump left those talks after a U.S. soldier was killed in a September car bombing in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The U.S. also has influence over the government and the Taliban through their money. Whoever governs Afghanistan needs foreign help from donors and nothing in the agreements signed this week commits to any level, going beyond a U.S. promise to the Afghan government that it will “seek funds every year that. Afghan security forces so that Afghanistan can defend itself and defend itself autonomously. The fact that U.S.

civilian support is almost always nullified when U.S. troops leave a theater should give the Taliban a pause to be cautious about what they want. “We owe gratitude to the sons and daughters of America who made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan and to the thousands of people who have served over the past 19 years,” General Mark A. Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said in a statement celebrating the agreement that follows a seven-day agreement on “reducing violence” in Afghanistan. The president, who was speaking at a press conference focused primarily on the coronavirus, announced that he would soon meet with Taliban officials. He declined to provide further information on the location or timing of the meeting. Afghan Peace Talks: The Woman Who Negotiated with the Taliban U.S. officials insist that the timing of troop withdrawal depends primarily on one condition: the extent to which the Taliban fulfill their commitment in the peace agreement not to use Afghanistan as a base for insurgency operations such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. The Afghan government will also enter into negotiations with the Taliban to find a political solution that would determine the Taliban`s role in a future Afghanistan.

These negotiations are expected to start next month. One of the first tasks of these inter-Sudanese talks will be to achieve a lasting ceasefire in Afghanistan. The agreement between the United States and the Taliban is rightly seen as an urgent opening to the possibility of a lasting political solution by defining the parameters of inter-Afghan negotiations. But it will be a long process with many possibilities for spoilers. In a context of deteriorating security valleys, rising Afghan casualties, a war-weary American population, a fragmented Afghan political landscape and an increasingly unstable region, it is welcome to open the door to a new paradigm of peace. After a week-long agreement to reduce violence across Afghanistan, the United States and the Taliban on Saturday signed a historic agreement that the United States would foresee. Troops are beginning to withdraw, according to a statement by President Donald Trump on Friday afternoon. Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, the former Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, speaks to the press ahead of the signing ceremony with the United States on Saturday in Qatar. “There is a lot of dismay that the Taliban are coming back and reappearing as viable political actors.

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