Woolworths Supermarkets Enterprise Agreement 2018

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“We are delighted that this new deal has been so strongly supported by Woolworths workers across Australia with an overwhelming 93% majority in favour,” Dwywer said. The agreements should not have been approved by the Fair Work Commission, which requires an operating agreement to pass the overall Better Off test. This test requires each employee to be paid more than the reward. The SDA has been continuously negotiating with Woolworths since February on a new supermarket deal and we continue to work hard to reach a new agreement which states: 16 2.5.6 part-time employees will receive an hourly rate equal to the corresponding weekly rate divided by 38. The provisions of this Agreement may apply pro rata to part-time workers. 2.6 OVERTIME ARRANGEMENTS PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT Notwithstanding the foregoing ( ), a part-time employee may be offered overtime and accept it on a voluntary basis. These hours are in addition to the base hours of a part-time employee. Part-time overtime work is subject to the following provisions: (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) Overtime is offered on a voluntary basis in addition to the basic working hours of a part-time employee, up to a maximum of 38 hours per week. Overtime will be paid at the appropriate part-time wage rate for regular hours, including overtime applicable to such hours. Overtime work is subject to Part 3, Wages and Allowances; Part 4, Hours of Work, Lists, Penalties and Overtime; Part 6 Meal breaks and breaks; Part 7, Vacations; Part 8 Leave provisions; Part 10 Retirement pension; Part 13, Savings and all other relevant clauses. Overtime may not be worked in such a way as to exceed the maximum daily hours or days provided for in this Agreement (as included in paragraphs 1.6.3, 2.5 and 4.6.2) or an average of 36 hours per week in a four-week cycle without overtime pay. The holiday provisions of this Agreement shall apply on a pro rata basis to part-time elderly persons.

If the number of hours of service in an anniversary year varies (including the transition from a part-time employee to full-time employment and vice versa), the employee`s annual leave entitlements are calculated on a weekly basis. All other entitlements are calculated on the basis of the average number of ordinary hours worked during the anniversary year. In the event that a part-time employee is unable to work an agreed additional shift (sick leave) due to illness or injury, he or she is entitled to personal leave in accordance with section 8.2 Increase in basic hours A part-time employee who volunteers to work during an anniversary year may choose to increase his or her base hours in the following anniversary year. This is subject to the following provisions: The increase in basic hours for the following anniversary year is calculated from the average overtime of the part-time employee compared to the previous year, calculated on a weekly basis, without agreed fixed-term contractual hours. .

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