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Passing Bitcoin Around the World is a financial relay where we pass a Bitcoin from one person to the next all around the world.  To secure your place in the event, you need to deposit at least 1 Bitcoin with us (see how to Participate).

At that time you will tell us how to handle your Bitcoin.  You can have it returned to you after your turn.  No problem. You can have half returned to you.  Whatever you want.

No Contribution is required to participate!

You can donate your deposit after your turn to our featured organization, Sean’s Outpost.  Or you can specify your donation (or part there of) be donated to any of the charities in this list.

Join us on October 26th for a great event!  And let’s raise a bit of money for a good cause!

Sean’s Outpost (Featured Charity) 

BTC Address: 1JkKn478ivR6iux2pUCjsvqhguPywP3dFH

More about Sean’s Outpost:

The Virtual Doctors Project

BTC Address: 1G1zNwrLw7xQPWUvRierbg9wrkUCJ2Dort

More about Virtual Doctors:

The Bitcoin Foundation

BTC Address: 1BTCorgHwCg6u2YSAWKgS17qUad6kHmtQW

More about the Bitcoin Foundation:

Fr33 Aid

BTC address:  1Fr33Aidr4gokeCcHHxbnDi8vasKHEaRUm

More about Fr33 Aid:

Bitcoins Not Bombs

BTC address: 1NXEaoGuw2iar9oxKadsq2vCcGRXbzF1a5

More about Bitcoins Not Bombs:

Shire Sharing

BTC address: 1CBr5J9vPMVzf5S22vdMUXkcLw8p4w7JgU

More about Shire Sharing:

If your Favorite Bitcoin Accepting Charity is not in this list, please submit them to us at

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